The Elumicate Smart Vision network
The Elumicate Smart Vision Network's main purpose is to capture and deliver relevant data in order to educate and inform 3rd parties of real world activities and events. The network is owned and governed by all who wish to participate yet owned by no single entity. Utilizing advanced technologies, the network’s purpose is to capture real world events and digitize them into the form of digital data that can then be accessed with ease.
A token model is used to encourage and reward participants for their efforts. The token can be used to obtain data credits in order to gain access to the digital data produced by the network.
With a strong focus on security and anonymity, the network will employ a governance model to ensure relevant decisions are voted upon fairly by network participants. The network will fuel innovation that will lead to an increased quality of life and benefits such as cleaner air, lowered traffic congestion, predictive security enhancements, saved lives, and so much more.
Last modified 6d ago