Elumicate WhitePaper

NFT Role

The Elumicate NFT
The Elumicate Network will utilize 3 main NFTs for mining purposes.
  • Pool NFTs for rewards when participating in the Public Mining Pool
  • Ground Level NFTs for rewards when mining from individual locations.
  • Bird’s Eye View NFTs for rewards when mining from individual locations from an altitude of higher than 30ft.
While NFTs are not required to participate in data mining, they are required in order to receive token rewards when data mining (participants can volunteer their data mining efforts to the network without the need to first acquire an NFT).
The world map is divided into small sections for data mining purposes. For each individual section, miners within the area will be designated either a primary or secondary role for each category of NFT (Ground Level and Bird’s Eye View). The first to begin mining in a specific area will be considered the primary for their category for as long as they keep actively mining (if mining is stalled for a period of 30 days or longer, the rights to being primary are forfeit and the miner may be allocated secondary status), all others are considered secondary.
Primary miners will benefit from a 2x boost over secondary miners within the same area. See reward adjustments for more details on shared locations.
Bird’s Eye View devices (device placement higher than 30 feet from ground level) must have at least 1 ground level device actively mining within their line of sight in order to earn rewards (along with the NFT requirement). This is to ensure anti gaming through cross validation of the data.