Solution Overview

The World's Largest Decentralized Outdoor Data Capture Network
By utilizing the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Machine Learning, and imaging technologies, Elumicate will become the world’s largest decentralized outdoor capture network with the purpose of digitizing and sharing precise data pertaining to real world events in real time.
Participants in the network become a key part of the infrastructure and are rewarded with the network’s method of exchange - utility tokens. The tokens, when converted into data credits, allow access to the accumulated data. The use of blockchain technologies, scale, and network effects will enable the creation and delivery of solutions to specific use cases that are simply not possible with existing proprietary and private setups; where the capital outlay and human resource requirements are much too great for small or specific applications.
A focus on the accumulation and delivery of relevant data for multiple markets will provide the groundwork for innovative solutions to existing problems. With direct integration to external programs and applications through API access, 3rd parties are motivated to create their own solutions with the utilization of the network’s data offering. By building an ecosystem around the data and removing the significant up front efforts and capital outlay requirements to data seekers, the network delivers solutions and instant access to real time data without infrastructure worries such as which devices to use, network connectivity methods, security issues, human resource requirements, etc. This will fuel innovation and growth in a wide range of markets and industries.
Instant access to outdoor data provides significant advantages and benefits such as:
Cities will be able to better predict future infrastructure requirements, deal with traffic congestion, lower pollution levels, minimise budget costs, enhance public safety, and more. Retail stores, developers, road engineers, landlords, realtors, restaurants, marketers and advertisers will all benefit from traffic segmentation, exact counts, and predictive analysis for store placement, future developments, and an overall better understanding of their target markets. Road conditions, line monitoring, near misses, speed, debris, potholes, etc. will be reported on in real time. First Responders can immediately be dispatched in the events of collisions, health emergencies, crime, or natural events.
All of which can lead to cleaner air, shortened commute times, increased safety, life saving alerts, and more, leading to a higher quality of life.
From inception, all tracking is fully anonymous, with a strong focus on traffic (pedestrian, bicycles, and motorized vehicles). The market will develop naturally and additional tracking features will be added as the demand arises (in a fully anonymous fashion). In the event of a request to track anything that is not considered fully anonymous, a vote will take place within the network community in order to reach a decision on how to proceed (while abiding to local regulations and laws).
Decentralized ownership
The network’s decentralized infrastructure ensures the participating individuals are in control of the network and have voting rights to the decisions that could have varying impacts on their lives. This ensures this great power is not placed in the hands of controlling groups or large corporations.