Technical Features

The Elumicate Network relies on a number of advanced technologies in order to accumulate, deliver, and provide access to relevant data. The following are the core technologies that are being used:


IoTeX is a triple audited and award winning blockchain with a focus on IoT devices, Speed, Security, and Scalability. The Elumicate data is stored within the IoTeX infrastructure, which is also used for token transactions, smart contracts, and and data verification purposes.
Smart contracts are digital contracts that are stored on a blockchain and automatically executed when predetermined terms and conditions are met. Smart contracts are used for all token and data transactions (access, distribution, conversions, transfers, etc.).


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to gather, validate, and extrapolate event data as well as to provide learning and verification models for other use cases.


The Elumicate dApp is used by participants to join the network, verify status, and perform token transactions.


NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens used to offer participation benefits.


A system API is used for external access to the stored data by data purchasers, ecosystem providers, resellers, and relevant 3rd parties.


Capture devices are critical to the network's success and are strategically placed by participants to gather relevant real world events data.

Digitization Hardware

Data mining/digitization is done through Edge Computing, cloud computing, and Hardware mining. Hardware requirements will vary depending on development phases and data capture requirements. As the network matures, upgraded hardware may be required in order to keep up with new digitisation requests. Device owners may be asked to upgrade certain hardware in order to keep up with the network’s needs.