Add a Mobile Device as a Camera

Phones and tablets can quickly and easily be added as vision devices. We've partnered with VDO.Ninja to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible.
By utilising VDO.Ninja, no bandwidth is used for streaming to Elumicate unless cameras are actively being mined.

Step 1

Download and install VDO.Ninja from the app store on your mobile device.

Step 2

Open the app, choose the camera you are sharing, choose prefer 1080p, and click connect

Step 3

Click on the https link on top of the screen and the click on copy url. This is the URL you will use to onboard your camera in the elumicate portal. You should test this url in your own browser to make sure your video is streaming correctly.
Make sure your screen is not inverted, if it is click the inversion button to switch (inversion is when your eyes see the object on one side (right or left) and the screen shows it on the opposite side)

Step 4

Position your camera and onboard the stream into the Elumicate Network using the url copied above - Adding a Camera Feed to the Portal​