Add a webcam

Webcams connected to computers can easily be added as vision devices. We've partnered with VDO.Ninja to make onboarding as quick and easy as possible.
By utilising VDO.Ninja, no bandwidth is used for streaming to Elumicate unless cameras are actively being mined.

Step 1 -

Navigate to https://vdo.ninja/​

Step 2 -

Click on Create Reusable Invite - this way you can always use the same url to share the video. - Add a Password (your choice) - click generate the invite link

Step 3

Copy the Guest Invite Link. This is the link you will use on your computer to share your webcam. You may want to create a shortcut in your favorites or in your browser. Also copy the OBS Broswer source link. This is the link you will provide for camera onboarding in the Elumicate portal. (Adding A Camera Feed to the Portal)

Step 4

Open the Guest Invite Link from step 3 above and click on Share your Camera. - Click on the settings gear icon ⚙ - Choose Max Resolution - Choose No Audio under Audio Souces - Click START
After clicking START, you should test access to the stream by browsing to the OBS Browser Source Link url from step 3 to ensure the camera is streaming.

Step 5

Position your camera and onboard the stream into the Elumicate Network using the url copied above (Obs browser source link) - Adding a Camera Feed to the Portal​