Current Status - Explainer

We are currently at Phase 2, which consists of users adding their camera feeds to the Elumicate network on testnet to allow future data mining from these feeds.

What is testnet?

Testnet is a testing environment for blockchain projects where developers can ensure that the system is fully functional and operational before deploying it on the mainnet. It allows for rigorous testing of the mining software, stability, object detection, load testing, and overall system capabilities, among other things.
During the BETA and Phase 1 stages of Elumicate, the mining software was deployed, and capabilities and functionalities were tested while operating on Windows 10 computers positioned all around the world. This testing helped the team identify key issues that were promptly dealt with and resolved.

What is Phase 2

In Phase 2, personal cameras from around the world are added to the Elumicate network on testnet, which is critical to the network's success. Different onboarding methods will be allowed for both existing and newly purchased devices.
All ELUM tokens earned during testnet will be transferred to mainnet at a later date. Only earned tokens will be airdropped, and tokens purchased with testnet IoTX tokens will not qualify. Token rewards can be found in the portal's Dashboard page at https://miner.elumicate.com.

Should I transfer or claim my mined ELUM / available rewards?

It is encouraged to transfer tokens between wallets, perform staking operations, and claim tokens while on testnet to ensure everything is fully operational before Mainnet launch. This will not affect earned tokens, which will be transferred to mainnet.