Disclaimer & Risks

Regulatory Risks
Worldwide cryptocurrency laws and regulations are in their infancy. Elumicate warns participants that it is not responsible for changes or restrictions in the project that may arise from updated laws or regulations.
Technological Risks
Decentralization and blockchain technologies carry potential risks to outside attacks or gamification. Consistent efforts will be made to ensure the project’s success and security, however the team notes that there are still potential risks.
Financial Risks
Elumicate does not consider or advertise it’s token as an investment, it is a utility token to be used to access accumulated data. Any investment in the token or data mining hardware is to be considered high risk with a potential for serious losses.
Elumicate does not offer financial advice. Participants should check with local jurisdictions for tax or other financial implications.
Local Laws
While Elumicate ensures to track anonymously and aims to stay in compliance with laws pertaining to the capture of public data, not all countries and jurisdictions are the same. Elumicate does not offer advice and holds no responsibility for participants setting up devices or joining the network from countries or jurisdictions where local laws may not allow such data collection or capture. Participants mining data and setting up capture devices do so at their own risk.
This White Paper may be amended from time to time and is to be used only for reference. Elumicate makes no representations or warranties, express or implied. This Whitepaper is intended to provide readers with general information and documentation only. You should not consider any information in the Whitepaper legal advice, business advice, financial advice or advise of any sort. Any actions motivated by or based on the contents of this Whitepaper are taken at your own risk.