Elumicate WhitePaper

The Elumicate Portal

The Elumicate Portal is where you will find all information relating to network transactions.
The portal can be accessed by navigating to: https://miner.elumicate.com/miners​
On the top of the screen, you will see tabs for: Dashboard, Miners, NFT, and View Data. See below for details on each.


  • Wallet Balance - How many ELUM tokens you have in your wallet (on the Blockchain)
  • Token Rewards
    • Claimed - The number of earned reward tokens that have been moved over from the internal network to your wallet
    • Available - The number of accumulated rewards that are available to over to your wallet whenever you choose to do so.
  • Transfer ELUM - Used to transfer tokens to a different wallet.
  • Buy ELUM - Used to purchase ELUM tokens with IOTX (all testnet tokens)
  • Release Updates - Information on software versions, release notes, and download link for the latest version.


Used to secure your mining connection.
  • If an NFT was already assigned, or there is no mining software running on the machine visiting the portal, secure connection will be grayed out.
  • An existing mining connection can be removed at any time for any reason.
The New Miner page is showing your secured miner


Here, you can view your currently owned NFTs (clicking on the NFT will show more details)
You can also browse the marketplace to view NFT availability and buy more NFTs.

View Data

This page shows, in real time, all mining epochs being uploaded for all active miners (the mining software uploads an epoch every 5 minutes).
The sidebar contains shortcut links to the pages mentioned above.
Server Status - This is the overall network health, not your mining software status. If you are having mining difficulties, it is good to check the server status to identify if the issue may be out of your control.
Active Miners - This shows the NFTs and assigned miners for your wallet. You can quickly identify if your miner is active or needs attention.