Wallet and Portal Setup

Please follow each step carefully

Step #1

Install Metamask as a browser extension and setup a new wallet (or import an existing one) -> https://metamask.io/
Next, you need to add the IoTeX testnet to your metamask wallet. This can be done manually, or through chaninlist.org
If you choose to do it manually:
  • Click on the drop down on the upper right hand corner of the metamask screen and select "Add Network"

Next, enter the IoTeX Testnet network information and click "Save"

- Network Name - IoTeX Testnet
- Chain ID - 4690
- Currency Symbol - IOTX
- Block Explorer URL - https://testnet.iotexscan.io
Congratulations, your wallet is now connected to the iotex testnet. Alternatively, you can use chainlist to auto populate the above information for you (if you have manually filled in the information you should skip this step) https://chainlist.org/
Chainlist.org to add the IoTeX Testnet & to connect to it in 2 clicks
Ensure you have added the IoTeX Testnet and not IoTeX Mainnet

Step #2

Elumicate Portal

1. Navigate to the Elumicate Mining Portal https://miner.elumicate.com
2. Click Connect Wallet to Login to the portal with your Metamask account
- Make sure to select Testnet and then click Browser Wallet, this should bring up a MetaMask Notification window. Click "Next" and then "Connect"
If you do not see the metamask notification in the above step, your browser may be blocking the popup, you can click on the jigsaw icon and choose metamask to open the window manually.
3. Click on the NFT tab (if this is a new wallet and you don't yet have any testnet IOTX, you will see a Claim button that will give you 10 free IOTX testnet tokens. This is enough to purchase an NFT (3 tokens) and to purchase 2500 ELUM (2.5 tokens), and still have plenty left over to cover transaction costs).
If you don't see anything in the NFT tab, verify that you are connected to the IoTeX testnet and not the Mainnet or ETH. You can check by looking at the bottom left corner of the portal screen.
4. Buy your NFT
A Mining NFT is required in order to be able to mine!
On the NFT page, you can now click Buy to get your NFT, the system will prompt you a message to enter your email. You will need to use the email you used when joining the waitlist.

⛏ Step 3

Now that you have your NFT you can secure your connection using your newly acquired NFT!

Ensure your software is Running in the background and navigate to the Miners tab.

  • click on Secure Miner Connection.
That's it! Your software should now be mining data and earning rewards! You can find information on rewards earned under the Miners and Dashboard pages.
You can open and close the portal page (miner.elumicate.com) at any time, this does not affect the mining software.
Your miner uploads data every 5 minutes and rewards are calculated every hour at 10 minutes past the hour (1:10, 2:10, etc).
You only earn rewards when your miner is working and uploading data. If the mining software or computer is turned off, no rewards are being earned.

Need More Visual Assistance?

Click the tabs below to see a graphic flow to help you navigate the Portal.

Wallet Connection
Your Dashboard
Miner Page
Miner Page update
3. Buy Your NFT
4. Buy NFT
5. NFT Confirmation
6. NFT Ownership
7. All Done!
Elumicate Portal

Elumicate Portal | Navigate to the Elumicate Mining Portal https://miner.elumicate.com

Connect Using Metamask | Please select Tesnet

Your Dashboard
Welcome to your Dashboard.
You have access to:
  • Your Wallet Balance
  • Your Token Rewards
  • You can transfer and Buy ELUM
  • Release Updates
  • Server Status, including the total of active Miners on the Network
  • Your active Miner status
  • Your Theme selector (Dark Theme or Light Theme)
Welcome to you Miner Page.
You will have access to:
  • the Miner(s) List.
  • the NFT list to assign one to the mining software machine.
  • the ability to remove an NFT from you Miner, that will force the mining software to close down, as the rule is simple, 1 mining machine -> 1 NFT
Welcome to your Miner Page once Machine has been assigned.
Buy your NFT -> the system will ask for your email (Email given when you have joined the waitlist).

Buy the NFT | Metamask will pop up. Make sure to confirm the transaction (this may take a few seconds).

Once step closer | You are now the proud owner of your very first Testnet Miner NFT!

NFT Ownership has been updated | You can see your owned NFT listed on the NFT page.

You are now ready to mine! All you need is to download and install the Elumicate mining software on your PC!

That's it! You are all set and ready to run the Mining Software!

We highly encourage staking to maximize mining rewards. Find out more here