Bonus Rewards

Bonus rewards are obtained by performing specific tasks or actions in the Elumicate Network.

Quick Onboarding

In order to accommodate to participants who wish to onboard as quickly as possible, 2FA Login methods will be provided without the need to create a Metamask wallet. When adding a camera without Metamask wallet, the camera is allocated the base rate of 0.5 workers.

Metamask Wallet

Once participants add a Metamask wallet to their account, they will receive an additional 0.5 workers for all cameras in their account, for a total of 1 worker per Camera


Participants can acquire NFTs that serve to boost rewards by adding workers to the owner's wallet.

Staking Bonus

Participants who that stake (lock up) their tokens, helping ensure the overall stability of the network and it's ecosystem, will receive governance voting rights as well as an increased worker level.
Each wallet is allowed to stake for a maximum of 1 + number of active NFTs held in wallet workers (for a wallet holding 3 active NFTs, the maximum extra workers earned by staking is 4 (1 + 3)).
Additional worker calculation is obtained by averaging out the total number of staked tokens over the maximum amount of extra workers possible.
*The live staking table provided in the Elumicate portal will host the current staking requirements at the time of staking.
**Example calculation - at a yearly reward rate of 12,500 tokens (assuming 5000 active network workers), a wallet with 1 camera device staking 25,000 tokens for 360 days will earn 2 extra workers.
***As the network expands, the Yearly Reward Rate and staking requirements will decrease.