Elumicate WhitePaper

Mining Software Setup

Step #1 - Download The Software

Download the latest Mining Software package from here: Eluminer Mining Software Currently, the mining software is only available for Windows 10 and above.

Step #2 - Install

Download and double click the executable. The executables are digitally signed, however a very low percentage of users have reported Windows Defender giving a warning when installing. If you receive this warning, you can still chose to continue the install. Downloads from Firefox have been known to get corrupted, we suggest using an alternative browser.
Select your language for the installer
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Installation location
Shorcut creation Option
Ready to Install
Installer in action
Done and you get a reminder for your machine name
Ready to Mine

Step #3 - Launch the software

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    If this is the First time you are running the software, you will see the following screen and the portal page (miner.elumicate.com) will automatically open in your default browser. You can now proceed to Wallet and Portal Setup to complete your onboarding.

If you are having problems with installation, visit the troubleshooting section​

Additional Information

A separate NFT is required for each mining session. During the start of the Testnet Phase, each wallet is only allowed 1 NFT. At the end of the Testnet phase and on Mainnet, wallets will be allowed multiple NFTs.
If you try to launch another session from another machine, while using same Metamask Wallet (same NFT), the software will automatically disconnect your previous session (your first miner will get the following message):
You need to close the software.