Token Rewards

Token rewards are acquired by mining and can be found on the Dashboard tab under Token Rewards.
Miners are rewarded for uploading data to the network.
Rewards are calculated and allocated on an hourly basis (10 minutes past the hour).
For public pool mining (the current phase), 3 metrics are used to calculate individual miner rewards:
  • Mining time - calculated by the number of 5 minute epochs each miner has uploaded to w3bstream within the hour.
  • Staking contract multiplier
  • Number of active miners on the network
You can find your reward data and claim mined tokens on the Dashboard page in the portal. Once claimed, ELUM tokens can be used and transferred as desired.
Your rewards
Claim your Rewards
Transaction confirmation
Every Hour, the system calculates and allocates individual Rewards. These can be found in the Available field under Token Rewards.
  • You may claim your tokens at your preferred frequency. Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly... the choice is completely yours.
  • When you decide to claim, simply click Claim Now to initiate the transfer of your Reward tokens directly to your Wallet.
After clicking Claim, Metamask will open in a pop-up window and you will need to confirm the transaction.
You will receive a confirmation once the transaction is complete.
You can now see the transferred tokens in the claimed field and your available is now back to 0. Keep mining to accumulate more tokens! The Available field is updated every hour at 10 minutes past the hour.