Elumicate WhitePaper

Troubleshooting FAQ

Here you will find answers to common problems encountered when installing or running the software.

Chrome or Edge Browsers are recommended. Users have reported problems when using Brave (mostly related to Brave Shields Up) and Firefox (corrupted downloads).

I Can't buy an NFT or Claim IoTex testnet tokens. Nothing happens when I click on the site.

A common cause it that the IoTex network was chosen by mistake insted of the IoTeX testnet network. You will need to make sure you are on the testnet for transactions to work.
Another common cause is the use of Brave browser. If using brave, you will need to make sure Shields is off for the site miner.elumicate.com You will know this is done when the lion in the address bar is grayed out (if it is colored, Shields is blocking access to the site) .

I can't install. The setup file is corrupted

This issue has been reported by Firefox users. It would seem the Firefox browser has been known to corrupt files as it downloads them. A common fix seems to be to remove and re-install firefox, however we recommend using a different browser such as chrome, Edge, or Brave to download the executable to install the Elumicate software.

Do I need to keep the computer turned on? What about the mining portal (miner.elumicate.com)?

The mining software needs to be running in order to capture traffic data. If the software and/or computer is turned off, there is no mining happening, and no rewards will be accumulated.
The mining portal (https://miner.elumicate.com) only needs to communicate with the software for the initial signature phase. After that, users may open and close the portal or mining software independently from each other (neither is dependent on each other).

Why am I getting an error Cannot reuse HTTP connection for different host?

This error comes from the video feed your computer is mining. It does not affect the mining of data and should be considered normal operation.

My software seems stuck, what should I do?

If the software receives an error when connecting, it may show a screen similar to the one below.
When you see the message waiting for data process to finish sending message may take up to 5 minutes to complete, this can be considered normal. This message is normally displayed when there has been a network connection error with the camera your software was mining. The software will automatically restart and reconnect within the 5 minute period without intervention on your part. Alternatively, you can close and restart the software if you don't wish to wait the 5 minutes.

I keep seeing no detections in the feed, should I close the software and restart?

No detections is completely normal to see. It may be nigh time where the camera is situated, or it may be a slow traffic area or time period. You can expect the software may have no detections for extended periods of time. This does not affect your mining results and is considered normal. You should not restart your mining software.